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Finnish concrete industry interest in heavy concrete

Pouring high density concrete
Many constructions benefit from using high density concrete mixed with MagnaDense.

During the Finnish concrete show Betonipäivät, the heavy concrete aggregate MagnaDense created interest from both faculty and industry.

Even with the relative close proximity to Sweden and the iron ore mines of LKAB, LKAB Minerals has not actively promoted MagnaDense to the Finnish concrete industry until recent years. Since starting to inform the market about the availability of the dense natural mineral aggregate for heavy concrete, interest has soared.

With two recent radiation shielding projects, Helsinki University Hospital and Kuopio University Hospital, utilising MagnaDense to enable better radiation shielding properties, a higher awareness has been created.

Rakennuslehti, the leading magazine for Finnish building branch, published an article about MagnaDense use in heavy concrete when building the Kuopio University Hospital.

Pirjo van der Woude was one of LKAB Minerals representatives at the Betonipäivät show and said “Industry representatives wanted to know more about the specifications and clearly saw benefits with the short distance, delivery times and availability. Before being aware of MagnaDense, other mineral aggregates like barytes have been used or the radiation shielding bunkers have been designed with a lot thicker walls. The concrete industry representatives clearly saw the benefits of MagnaDense that offers higher density (particle density up to 5.1 t/m3) and allows for thinner walls, decreasing build space required.”

From the faculty, teachers from applied science departments were very interested and wanted more information to be able to incorporate into the education of Finland’s future engineers.

For more information, visit the MagnaDense product page where more detailed product specifications are available and where you will find our contact in your country or region.