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Knowledge sharing ‘the Minelco way’

Minelco have a number of very experienced personnel for products and industries and it is useful for their colleagues when this knowledge is shared.

The Civil Engineering and Construction Industry team ran a training session in the UK educating sales order processing, technical and marketing colleagues on the features and benefits of some of the products for the industry area.

To begin the day the group were given information, including a company video on LKAB and the mining operation in Kiruna and Malmberget.  The Industry Team Leader, Denise Roberts, provided an overview of the industry and products available.  The UK Technical Sales Executive for this industry, John Bowden, provided practical examples of applications where the products are used and Ken Green, Process Development Manager, discussed the link in production between LKAB and Minelco.  After the inside education session colleagues were taken around the processing facility in the North East of England.  Physically seeing the raw material, processing equipment and finished product provides a greater understanding of the business.

Feedback from colleagues included:

“The training gave an interesting insight into how the customers use the products we sell to them in the various applications” from a sales order processing colleague.  Another colleague from this department said “it was extremely useful to actually see material as an alternative to just a word on a piece of paper”.

“The knowledge I have gained from this training session will assist me in future technical marketing tasks” said Sarah Heap who is responsible for the marketing of this Industry.

Technical personnel commented; “it was a very useful training session and very interesting to see where and how the minerals are actually used”.

Minelco are proud to be a knowledge intensive company; it is vital for our future success that all colleagues are informed about the industries we serve and the operational side of producing product.