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Technology for offshore production at ONS2014

Offshore platform
Offshore structures in need of ballast use MagnaDense as either loose ballast or mixed into concrete.

Natural mineral product MagnaDense used as heavy ballast solution for oil and gas platforms around the world.

The trend at this year’s global offshore event in Stavanger, Norway, was “Changes”. The oil and gas industry is challenged to maximize yield from existing sources to find new sources to match the increasing need for energy globally. This means cost increases while oil prices in the last years have seen a slight decline.

Offshore projects benefit from MagnaDense

The investment horizon is also very long in the industry and suppliers with a sustainable offering that can meet the stringent requirements of the industry are prioritised. “LKAB Minerals have a proven natural mineral solution with our MagnaDense, consistent quality and logistics capabilities to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry. We have had business relations with many designers, contractors, developers and energy companies and are a recognised quality supplier. We can see that the awareness of our product is spreading even to projects on the other side of the planet and that designers more often design spars and gravity bases for use with heavy ballast such as our MagnaDense” says Peter Esko, Sales Manager in the Nordics, who was part of LKAB Minerals exhibition staff at ONS2014.

Offshore applications using MagnaDense ballast

The product, MagnaDense, is a natural iron oxide product designed for off-shore ballast use, or use in high density concrete. Being inert it will not react in the water, neither with steel in the construction. Supply is long term and sustainable as it comes from our own group resources in Northern Sweden that has been in operation for more than 120 years. LKAB Minerals has a long history of supplying to off-shore projects  such as pipe coating, gravity base foundations for wind, wave or tidal and to oil and gas platforms as both loose ballast or as an aggregate in high density concrete.

“It is interesting to participate at the global off-shore industry events. Although we know many of the companies and visitors there are always new people coming up asking what we offer to the industry and how our product can benefit them” says Peter Esko.

For more information, visit the MagnaDense product page where more detailed product specifications are available and where you will find our contact in your country or region.

ONS2014 had 91 682 visitors, learn more about the event at their website