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Minelco MagnaDense - more weight less volume

LKAB Minerals (formerly Minelco) MagnaDense in different grades.
LKAB Minerals (formerly Minelco) supplies MagnaDense in different grades to the industry for making high density concrete. Replacing fine and coarse aggregates with MagnaDense can increase the density of the concrete.

Minelco MagnaDense is a high grade natural aggregate manufactured from the iron oxide Magnetite. With its high specific gravity Minelco MagnaDense is used as an aggregate to produce high quality high density concrete.

Both fine and coarse aggregates in concrete can be replaced by a suitable Minelco MagnaDense grade. Concrete densities up to 4 tonnes per m3 are achievable. The high density still has a good workability. By acting as a heat sink the Minelco MagnaDense reduces the heat of hydration, therewith reducing the risk of thermal cracking. 

By mixing in other aggregates for counterweights, concrete densities up to up to 4.5 tonne/mare achievable.