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Minelco’s part in Nord Stream

Concrete coated pipes
MagnaDense is used as aggregate to create high density concrete which is applied at pipes used for transporting gas or oil.

The results of the extensive environmental and socio-economic monitoring programme have confirmed that the Nord Stream gas pipe construction has had a low environmental impact.

Minelco supplied our high density product MagnaDense to the company manufacturing the pipe coating for the entire 1,224km of pipes laid to transport the gas.  MagnaDense as the chosen ballast material for the production of high density concrete sprayed onto the pipes was an excellent environmental choice. 

MagnaDense is a natural iron oxide which when incorporated into concrete remains harmless to the environment placed in and is non-reactive with seawater.  MagnaDense concrete anchors pipes to the seabed very effectively preventing underwater currents from dislodging pipes from their bedding.  The expectation  is that MagnaDense will provide the concrete with a long service life due to stabilisation effect plus resistance to abrasion.

These attributes of MagnaDense will have helped the surrounding environment during and post pipeline construction. The weight of MagnaDense enabled direct easy pipe placement thereby minimising seabed disturbance during construction. No harmful substances, contaminants or pollutants were or will be released by MagaDense into the seabed sediment, sea water or air. 

Minelco are proud to have played a part in this hugely successful project and pleased to see that the environmental impact has been acceptable.

Read online about the environmental study.