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Minelco supports cancer research project

Cancer awareness ribbon
Minelco support the Dutch Cancer Society
Minelco stands up to cancer as a business friend to the Dutch Cancer Society.

At Minelco we know that we are part of a larger society, and that we as individuals and as a company can make a positive impact with our direct and indirect actions. Therefore we have decided this year to support a local Dutch organisation with a cause close to heart for many of us, hoping we can somehow contribute to the advancement of cancer treatment.

The Dutch Cancer Society describe their mission as: “The Dutch Cancer Society wants to cut cancer rates as soon as possible, and get it under control. We are here to help people living with cancer, and those who share their lives.

In order to realise our mission we strive for the following goals:

  • reduce the incidence of cancer;
  • increase the cure rate of cancer;
  • improve the quality of life of cancer patients.”

To learn more about the Dutch Cancer Society, visit their website.

If you or your company would like to learn more about or support a local or national cancer organisation, you can navigate through the international partner page on the Dutch Cancer Society’s website.