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MagnaDense for modular and tailor-made radiation shielding blocks

MagnaDense in radiation shielding blocks
Radiation shielding concrete blocks with MagnaDense are used in the ELI project.

Through cooperation with NUVIA we supplied MagnaDense for the renowned ELI laser facilities

ELI is short for Extreme Light Infrastructure, it is a European ESFRI project for the investigation of light-matter interactions at highest intensities and shortest time scales.

In the ELI facilities scientists from all around the world perform research and development in the field of high energy physics. To protect these scientists from ionising radiation which is generated by the lasers during operations, a radiation shield is necessary.

Combined radiation shielding knowledge results in prestigious projects

In the initial phase of the first ELI facility project LKAB Minerals and NUVIA cooperated and offered their knowledge on radiation shielding to the responsible contractor. NUVIA has extensive knowledge on radiation shielding in different sectors and LKAB Minerals adds their experience and understanding of high density MagnaDense for radiation shielding concrete.

NUVIA designed the modular high density concrete blocks (known as NuRAD blocks) which enable the constructor to stay flexible with a tailor-made product. To reach the right density for these radiation shielding concrete blocks MagnaDense is a trustworthy product. Extracted from our own mines, LKAB Minerals supply a stable product, year-round. And additionally to the global ambitions of NUVIA we support world-wide delivery.

Example of a shielding wall of NuRAD modular blocks made with MagnaDense concrete.

Prosperous future in modular radiation shielding

“MagnaDense is the best way for us to increase the density of the concrete blocks. Alternatives such as Baryte and metals are either not heavy enough or significantly more expensive” says Michal Kazda, commercial director of Nuvia Czech Republic. Michal continues, “the cooperation with LKAB Minerals is very smooth and efficient. The stable quality of MagnaDense allows us to constantly reach the required density for the modular blocks. Our unique cooperation resulted in a full project pipeline for supplying our modular blocks. Future radiation shielding projects include healthcare facilities as well. And Europe is not the limit for these type of projects; a possible project in Asia is already on the radar.“

Whether the radiation shielding is needed in nuclear facilities or in hospitals or laboratories, the advantages of the modular blocks as emphasized by NUVIA remain the same:

  • Ideal at existing building and facilities in need of radiation shielding
  • Dry and clean construction, no mortar nor glue needed
  • Fast construction
  • No need of heavy machinery or technique
  • Hand-held manipulators to simplify manipulation with the bricks
  • Easy decommissioning, no health hazard

MagnaDense is added to the concrete mix for the NuRAD blocks because our natural mineral:

  • allows for more weight, less volume
  • is a cheaper solution than other metal additions
  • reaches a higher density than competitive product Baryte
  • is a stable product
  • can be supplied year-round and world-wide

LKAB Minerals and NUVIA have proven their collaboration for radiation shielding projects with the globally unique ELI facilities. We will continue to promote our competitive advantages in the industries with a need of flexible radiation shielding solutions.

Would you like to understand more about MagnaDense and modular high density blocks we have a case study available on this project and one on the Swedish FREIA research facility. Both are available via your local sales manager. Contact details are available on the contact page, the MagnaDense product page or the Radiation Shielding pages under the Industry uses.