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Offshore construction benefits from MagnaDense

Offshore wind turbines
Offshore structures such as wind turbine foundations or oil and gas platform need ballast to stay upright. MagnaDense used as loose ballast or mixed into high density concrete can offer this weight needed.

Design and construction professionals visiting Offshore Energy in Amsterdam saw benefits of the high density aggregate for offshore ballasting.

Offshore energy exhibition and conference is an annual event in Amsterdam that this year gathered industry representatives from 81 countries.  Visitors are active in the Offshore energy production value chain, working with design, engineering, construction and installation.

LKAB Minerals has supplied the offshore industry during three decades with solutions for both fixed and loose ballast, using the natural iron oxide aggregate MagnaDense. MagnaDense has due to its high iron content, and the resulting high density, in combination with a consistent high quality and sustainable supply been a favoured material for off-shore ballasting for some applications in parts of the world. Recent years development and promotion of the material has resulted in increased awareness and MagnaDense is now sold as loose ballast and for production of heavy concrete in all parts of the world, for pipe-coating and ballasting of oil and gas platforms as well as wind farms.

Bas Sotthewes, Sales Manager based at LKAB Minerals Dutch office and production site comments “With the increased awareness we were approached by several new design, engineering and construction companies that were interested in the benefits of the higher density of ballast that MagnaDense would bring to their projects, compared to other materials. This would allow them to work with other designs that do not require the same volume for ballast, which can increase efficiency and lower costs. And with the increased pressure on costs in the energy market, a result of lowered prices for electricity and oil, there is also a desire to work with proven and cost effective solutions which is an additional benefit for LKAB Minerals and our ballast material MagnaDense.”

For more information, visit the MagnaDense product page where more detailed product specifications are available and where you will find our contact in your country or region.