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Providing water and sanitation for 1250 people

glass of water
LKAB Minerals donated €25,000 to WaterAid

LKAB Minerals’ employees made it around the world together and donated 1 Euro per mile to WaterAid. We look forward to a continued cooperation with WaterAid.

After swimming, walking, running and cycling the 25 000 miles around the world to promote health and have fun in celebration of the companies 25 years in business, we are proud to also be donating 1 euro per mile to WaterAid, in total 25 000 euros. This will provide sustainable safe water and sanitation for approximately 1250 people through WaterAid’s activities.

Having such a good reason to go the extra mile was an extra motivation in the efforts of our employees. In December LKAB Minerals CEO met with WaterAid in their Stockholm office to hand over the cheque. “I was further introduced to the important work that WaterAid is doing when visiting them. So many things are connected to safe water and sanitation” Leif commented and continued “Water and sanitation will obviously provide great health benefits and reduce illness and deaths. But it will also provide safer societies for women and free up a lot of time that the local communities can use to build sustainable development. That is why every dollar invested generates 4 dollars in societal development.”

As the internal engagement among employees was very high for this worthy cause it felt like a natural step to discuss a continued support of WaterAid when meeting them. “In 2015 we will take another step in our cooperation with WaterAid by also involving our customers in the programme through offering donations in return for feedback in a targeted customer survey. I hope they will also discover how they can support WaterAid” Leif explains.

But the key to the continued success of the cooperation is the commitment of LKAB Minerals’ employees, which is why a continued engagement through internal activities will also be included in the plans for 2015.

To learn more about WaterAid, please visit their website.