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Radiant future for UK Radiation Shielding

Women in radiotherapy room
Using MagnaDense in walls, floor and ceiling can help to shield from radiation in healthcare facilities.

LKAB Minerals were present during the one-day Aurora Expert Event to identify the challenges for anyone upgrading current or planning new healthcare facilities which use ionising radiation.

Different aspects of radiation shielding

The different topics that were covered at the event;

  • the planning of new facilities from conception to final design, to ensure they achieve their full potential and meet current as well as anticipated clinical and legal requirements;
  • consideration of different shielding materials;
  • pre-use shielding integrity testing;
  • end of life planning to minimise decommissioning costs and ensure the smallest possible impact on the environment.

LKAB Minerals had been chosen by Aurora Events to present themselves on this special radiation shielding day. With only a very selected number of seven exhibitors at this summit, we could give optimal attention to the participants from NHS Hospitals, Radiation Protection Advisors, Universities and Main Contractors.

Radiation protection experience and references

We can refer to many finished radiation shielding projects for hospitals and clinics in which MagnaDense was supplied. Because of our experience, we understand the questions and sometimes struggles that surround the selection of the right radiation shielding material for your cancer treatment facility. We can help you to make the best selection MagnaDense.

Below you will find links to healthcare projects constructed with the use of high density MagnaDense concrete:

This is only a very small selection of the radiation protection projects for which MagnaDense has been used. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and discuss the projects that have been done in your country or ask questions about your specific radiation shielding application.

Read more general information about radiation shielding with heavy dense concrete or specific details on MagnaDense on our website. Both pages also contain contact information from your local sales manager.