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Supporting exploration of alternative oil products

Minelco are supplying Eastern European oil shale mining companies with a high quality Fe (iron) rich magnetite product.

Oil shale deposits exist in Estonia, USA, UK, Brazil, China, Ukraine and Jordan.  Oil shale is mined for different uses the main one being for heating.  Other applications include oil products, shale chemicals (alkylresorcinoils for perfume, cosmetics, tyres and machinery), adhesives, resins and construction chemicals.

The concentration process of oil shale is where Minelco Magnetite 70 is currently being used is a wet process. The high Fe content of Magnetite 70 is beneficial as it helps with reaching a certain density of the suspension bath, meaning that the oil shale will float and the heavier gangue material will sink.  The particle size distribution of Minelco Magnetite 70 has proved to fit well for this kind of wet separation process. Another important fact is the magnetic content and our product Minelco Magnetite has an approximately 99.5% magnetic content.  This means that the magnetite particles can easily be recovered by using a magnetic separator and as a consequence be reused.

Minelco also has extremely efficient logistics making us highly competitive.  The magnetite is shipped from the port at Lulea direct to the country where the oil shale mining companies are operating.  Our efficient logistics department also works closely with production to ensure we are very reliable and supply on time.