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"We run Minelco with joy"

Minelco celebrates its 20th anniversary on 1 September this year. “Time flies when you’re having fun,” says Mats Drugge, Minelco’s employee No. 1.

On this journey, Minelco has grown to more than 400 employees with representation in 15 locations across Europe, the US and Asia, with a largely extended product portfolio of industrial minerals used in a broad range of industries.

Three of the company’s real veterans are Mats Drugge (US), Ingela Olsson (Sweden) and Bob Boulton (UK).

“When we began in 1989, we were a one mineral company. Magnetite and just magnetite. We customised different magnetite products,” explains Mats Drugge, President of Minelco, Inc. in the US. “Today we supply a very wide range of minerals. However, our way of working, that is the customisation of minerals, remains unchanged. And we have a long history behind us which gives us an advantage over our competitors.”

Ingela Olsson, Group Marketing Communications Manager based at the head office in Sweden, also joined Minelco in 1989. She is proud to have been part of Minelco’s growth to become the international company it is today. “It has been an exciting journey to grow from three to 400 people worldwide. With such a large group and wide geographical area, communication is key. It’s very much about relationships,” says Ingela. “Throughout our 20- year history we have brought together people who share a passion for our business, to improve ourselves every day and have fun whilst doing it!”

Minelco’s 5th employee is Bob Boulton, Managing Director of Minelco Ltd in the UK. He sees the company’s internal culture as a strong element of the company’s success.
“We have a strong social culture. We are open and inclusive, and we work to maintain the culture in which everyone knows they are a part of the team. It gives strong team spirit and unflinching dedication to the development of our business. Everyone understands their role, which means that we have a highly skilled workforce.”

Markus Petäjäniemi is CEO of Minelco since 1 July this year: “Minelco is a well-managed company with a good reputation in the industrial minerals industry, world-class assets and an international customer base. The Group has highly skilled and motivated people working in dedicated teams around the world. Minelco has achieved much during the past 20 years and is well positioned for continued growth. Despite the current global economic downturn, we can see a lot of opportunities in the market. There are a lot of development projects going on and I look very much forward to being part of Minelco’s future success.”