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Highlighting the advantages of recycled materials

Magnesia brick for recycling
Minelco presents is recycling portfolio to the industry

Minelco presented ‘minerals for the refractory industry’ at a recent ICME technical event.

Martin Meese and Dr Tony Hutton highlighted the benefits of recycled refractory minerals as a replacement, where appropriate, for virgin materials to attendees at the Institute of Cast Metal Engineers (ICME) technical meeting in the UK.

Minelco's refractory portfolio

Traditionally Minelco have presented their foundry portfolio to ICME members. However with the rising cost of raw materials coupled with recent investments Minelco are making in recycling, this meeting was the ideal time to present the refractory portfolio.

Dr Hutton, Assistant Technical Manager at Minelco Ltd, highlighted how Minelco have enabled customers to reduce raw material costs whilst not compromising on quality for demanding refractory applications.  Presenting the advantages (detailed below) of recycled refractory minerals at the meeting provided attendees with a great insight into the work Minelco have undertaken in this field.

Refractory recycling benefits

Recycling benefits for the refractory industry outlined were:

  • A reduction in landfill
  • Less energy expended on producing the refractory product
  • Raw material cost savings can be passed to product end users
  • Carbon footprint reduction

The process of recycling used bricks and castables at Minelco includes the complete removal of any contamination predominantly by hand before being categorised by chemistry. The material is then processed in one of our crushing and screening plants. Material samples are checked regularly to ensure the consistency of the material is maintained and classified correctly..  The material can be made into specific particle sizes, blended and mixed at our new 50,000tpa processing facility at the Jubilee Works in Flixborough.

Minelco are committed to continuing with recycling research and development, improving our processes to provide customers with their exact requirements and becoming more sustainable as a refractory minerals manufacturer and supplier.