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LKAB Minerals expands MagniF production facilities

MagniF is a fine and dried magnetite produced to industry specifications

To meet industry demands for tailor-made and cost-efficient MagniF products, LKAB Minerals has invested in new production facilities in the Netherlands.

Serving industries with MagniF

MagniF products are LKAB Minerals’ polymer and rubber additives based on natural magnetite. Over the last 20 years, MagniF products have found their way in a variety of applications in several industries. Some of the well-known applications today are for MagniF to be used as:

New MagniF grades in 2018

The first new commercial MagniF grade will be introduced early 2018 and offers a competitive product for sound damping applications for e.g. the automotive industry. This product is available for evaluations now and is packed in big bags or small paper bags. Please contact LKAB Minerals for more detailed information and a sample.

The traditional product range (MagniF 10, 25 and 50) will continue to be produced in Sweden, while in the meantime new grades are developed, tested, and produced at the Moerdijk site in the Netherlands.

Common questions and answers