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Illustrations reinforce Golden Rules

Cartoon - Never walk past an unsafe act
KAB Minerals’ Golden Rules promote Safety First!

"Illustrations offer flexibility and can be adapted to individuals and sites, strengthening the Golden Rules and the learnings we experience in our everyday lives," says Pete Donohoe, Safety First coordinator at LKAB Minerals and Special Products Division in LKAB.

As part of the drive to make the Golden Rules a central part of our Safety Culture, a range of illustrations have been developed, providing real examples of Safety occurrences and preventative actions.  

The poster with illustrations is a visual reminder alongside the signs, which have been distributed to the group.

“This is a good way of keeping the safety message fresh and at the forefront of our minds,” says Pete. “It shows that we can relate, as an example, a One Point Lesson to one of our Golden Rules, visually providing a real-life example to absorb and act upon. The continuous conversations will keep safety at the top of our agenda and support the golden rules in becoming part of our Safety culture.”

Over the coming months, the illustrations will appear monthly, focussing on real-life examples of our Golden Rules.

Pete Donohoe, Safety First coordinator, LKAB Minerals and Special Products Division LKAB