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Spreading the word to the coatings world

Protective coating on red steel bridge
Natural minerals offered by Minelco can be used in a variety of coatings.
Karin van der Staaij presented our mineral product portfolio to German coating R&D people.

Karin, business development manager, highlighted in the presentation were the industry area’s key minerals: phlogopite mica, huntite and magnetite and how they work in a variety of coating applications.

The phlogopite mica raw material sourse is owned by the Minelco group; processing facilities are next to the mine in Finland.  This unique phlogopite mica deposit is the only one in Europe; processing provides a high aspect ratio particle which is ideal for anti-corrosive coating and sound deadening usage.

The flame retardant minerals huntite hydromagnesite is a halogen free product; Likya Minelco own the deposit manufacturing a range of products with ultrafine particle sizes branded UltraCarb.

The magnetite product MagniF is used to impart magnetism to magnetic coatings; its natural black colouration is of great benefit to blackboard paints.  Minelco’s parent company LKAB own vast reserves of this mineral in Northern Sweden.  MagniF is a range of very fine particle sized magnetite.

Karin’s presentation provided a good overview of functional fillers for coating applications; the R&D people in attendance were very receptive to the excellent information presented to them.

Minelco are committed to talking to our target audience and welcomed the chance to be present at the VILF conference held at Bayer’s facilities in Germany.