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LKAB Minerals standardises recycled refractory material portfolio across Europe

recycled refractory brick in hand
LKAB Minerals renamed their refractory products to align this within the company.

As from 1st February 2016, all LKAB Minerals recycled refractory materials will follow the same specification structure and naming, regardless of their origin or destination.

The decision was taken to rename the recycled materials sold via our UK operations in order to standardise our range of recycled materials across Europe.

The new naming structure was launched in Europe in May with the UK adopting this structure from 1st February.

Melvyn Bradley, Technical Director for LKAB Minerals Ltd, UK commented ‘The launch of Moerdijk provided the ideal opportunity to standardise our range of recycled products, ensuring a consistent structure and range of  products throughout the group. We took this decision because we feel it will benefit our customers in the long term, especially those trading internationally.’

Naming structure

Although there are a few exceptions, the basis for the structure is for the material to be named according to their alumina or magnesia classification. Below is a breakdown of the new naming structure:

Alumina Materials old (left) to new (right) 

Cordierite Cordierite
Andalusite Alumina 60 AND
Alumina Slag Conditioner Alumina SC (65/70 etc)
Silicon Carbide Silicon Carbide
CBS Shapes Alumina Carbon ISO
AMC Alumina Mag Carbon 65
SG Alumina Alumina Carbon 80
ASC Alumina Carbon 75
White Fused Alumina (Recycled) Alumina 95
Brown Fused Alumina (Recycled) Alumina 90
Bauxite Brick Alumina 65
Mid Alumina D/DS Alumina 55
Mid Alumina A Alumina 45
Kiln Firebrick Alumina 40 K
Firebrick Alumina 40                                              

Magnesia Materials old (left) to new (right) 

MgO Slag Conditioner MgO SC (LC/HC)
Almag Magnesia Spinel 85
Hard Brown Magnesite Brick Magnesia 90
Mag Chrome Brick Mag Chrome
Mag Carbon Mag Carbon OXI & Mag Carbon AF

Communication renaming recycled refractory products

Communications were sent to all UK customers regarding the renaming recently along with our brandbook, a guide intended for use by our customers when purchasing or using our materials in their own processes.

If you would like to request a copy of the brandbook, please contact us at

The Future for recycling

Recycling is becoming a big topic for the refractory industry. There is a continued push to become more sustainable while finding cost savings. The drive for recycling is going to be discussed at the upcoming Mineral Recycling Forum in Rotterdam in March where we will be present and presenting our paper.

We are committed to developing our technical expertise, processing services and range of recycled minerals to ensure we continue to offer quality, sustainable materials for our customers.