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Video and Webinar: producing MagnaDense® radiation shielding concrete for ESS

High density concrete being placed
Learn all about the challenges of the ESS project regarding the use of high density concrete

SKANSKA and Sydsten, the construction and concrete mixing company, working on the ESS project, have some learnings to share regarding production of high density concrete.

Having produced and placed more than 4,000 cubic meters of high density MagnaDense concrete on the European Spallation Source construction site, representatives from Skanska and Sydsten share insights and tips for producing and placing high density concrete in a video, accessible below. 

Video: producing MagnaDense high density concrete for the European Spallation Source

In a video interview co-workers of Sydsten and Skanska explain how they tackled the challenges for working with MagnaDense high density concrete at the European Spallation Source construction site. You will see how the project is constructed and which parts in the building are made with the special high density concrete.

Free 20 minute webinar: High Density Concrete, from ballast to placement

Sydsten and LKAB Minerals present a free to attend interactive webinar broadcasted from the Kiruna mine, sign up to see the webinar for free today! 

Please note, the webinar is only available in Swedish. Contact us to set up a webinar for you and your team in an other language.

Case-study on European Spallation Source project available

To anticipate to the webinar, or as an extra information source, we have prepared a detailed case study on the use of high density concrete in the ESS project. Request the free case study from your local contact person.