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Illustration new Lund Hospital
The Swedish magazine ‘Byggindustrin’ for the construction industry nominated Lund Hospital where they have built a new Radiation Oncology Unit using MagnaDense for ‘the building of the year’.

With a light and patient friendly design the Radiation Oncology Unit in Lund used MagnaDense to create thinner walls, and is nominated as a "Construction of the year"

The Swedish magazine ‘Byggindustrin’ for the construction industry nominates 20 construction projects every year into a competition called “Årets Bygge” – the building of the year. The nominees are revealed gradually and from the nine by now published contestants, LKAB Minerals are pleased to see 2 projects in the 2013 competition which have used our product MagnaDense.

One of the nominees is Lund Hospital where they have built a new Radiation Oncology Unit. An important objective for the project was that the building and the internal environment would be  anxiety relieving and as pleasant as possible. One important feature of this was that the radiation treatment rooms were placed above ground (in contrast to normal) in light and colourful surroundings. When publishing the nomination of Lund-project as contestant, Byggindustrin interviewed some of the responsible persons of this project.  “We have focused a lot on art, architecture and the aesthetics of this project” says Frida Nordwall, the project manager from the general contractor NCC. The clinic at Lund treats seriously ill patients and for the new unit it  was important to try to create environments that felt positive and gave hope. Instead of placing radiation bunkers below ground, which is the traditional way, the radiation therapy units are above ground.

Although many rooms are enclosed, the project architect Lena Brand of White Arkitekter,  has made ​​an effort to achieve a bright interior. The glass façade contains lots of colours in various shades which gives the waiting rooms beautiful daylight.

The main building has four stories plus a basement with an area of ​​10,700 square meters. The glazed entrance links the new building with the existing oncology building. The six new radiation bunkers are built with two meter thick and nine meter high walls of high density concrete with MagnaDense as an aggregate.  The aggregate was supplied by LKAB Minerals. A total of 5000m3 of heavy dense concrete, with density of 3.8 t/m3, was used to build the bunkers.

“We had a series of workshops with all the leading players; developers, builders, architects, consultants, managers and users. This was done to ensure that the project ran smoothly. During the project we met all the goals. It's been good, as all parties involved were goal and project-oriented.” says Håkan Ahlqvist, the project leader of the builder, the Regional Services in Skåne, on Byggindustrin-magazine.

MagnaDense enables the construction of much thinner walls whilst providing exceptionally good radiation shielding to the concrete.  Using MagnaDense in the Lund Oncology new build unit has enabled the project partners to achieve creating a space which is more patient friendly than the traditional bunkers built in the past. LKAB Minerals are proud to be supporting this type of innovative building solution and wish Lund good luck in this construction competition.