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An 'eventful' time in polymers

Reinforced polymer
Minelco attended several polymer related event in the second quarter of 2012 to present the industrial minerals used in the industry.
Knowledge sharing is key for Minelco; in the second half of 2012 we have been busy doing just that.

Every year Minelco select the most relevant polymer industry exhibitions, conferences and congresses to present new findings, interesting developments and other relevant information.  Having a dedicated polymer technical team means we are continually making discoveries with our minerals in various applications and we like to share these with the industry.

At Kunststoffen 2012, a Benelux market exhibtion, Minelco's Stefan Viering presented 'The Virtues of Functional Mineral Fillers" which highlighted the improved characteristics our functional fillers UltraCarb and Phlogopite Mica impart to polymers; higher fire retardancy (UltraCarb) and greater warpage control (Phlogopite Mica).   “We had many interesting discussions with potential customers providing them with information on achieving shape stability, conductivity and flame retardancy with our mineral products” says Karin van der Staaij who is in charge of sales to Benelux-countries.

Presenting UltraCarb to the global wire and cable industry is a priority for Minelco as we have focussed much R&D work on this product in this application.  In the rapidly expanding Indian industry where the demand for cables is very high Minelco chose the Wire and Cables in Mumbai to highlight the benefits of UltraCarb in this application.  Aaron Chen and Ian Yates highlighted UltraCarb LH15 for use in PVC cables which is a large market in India. In contrast, our newest and finest product, UltraCarb LH3, was targeted towards the relatively new and rapidly expanding export market for non-PVC halogen free cable compounds.  This latter market trend is also evident in other developing markets such as China and Turkey.

Minelco place great emphasis on our technical experts presenting industry information to industry professionals.  AMI organise a variety of conferences which Minelco utilise to share our knowledge, in the latter half of 2012 we attended the following:

Fire Resistance in Plastics in November, held in Cologne, was the forum selected for Dr Luke Hollingberry to present the latest findings in his research into UltraCarb the halogen free flame retardant. As we were also present with a table top exhibition, many of the participants used this chance to learn more about our product range for the polymer industry.

"A short story about a polymer, a machine and a mineral" was told  to the audience at AMI’s Minerals in Compounding in Atlanta (USA) by Stefan Viering. Stefan highlighted that in order to achieve the best possible results with our UltraCarb range of flame retardants, the processing technology and the right equipment has a large impact. 
Here again we had used the table top exhibition to promote our UltraCarb range of halogen free flame retardant minerals as well as MagniF, Phlogopite Mica and DekorFlake.

The conference on Waterproof Membranes at Düsseldorf was the closing event for Minelco in 2012. Stefan Viering presented the processing advantages UltraCarb products have to offer for the extrusion of TPO-membranes: a more stable melt, redeced pressure build-up and a faster extrusion speed.

Minelco have already planned our attendance at the global polymer industry exhibitions and conferences running in 2013 where we hope to meet new and existing customers and share the knowledge we continuouslly build upon.