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Radiation shielding in Poland with magnetite concrete

Construction radiation shielding room
For the radiation shielding at a veterinary hospital in Poland, high density concrete with LKAB Minerals’ MagnaDense is used for its construction.

A large increase in the use of MagnaDense concrete for radiation shielding projects in Poland can be noticed since 2010 when SURICO, a Polish company specialised in radiation shielding, started to offer magnetite for high density concrete.

Polish introduction of MagnaDense concrete

Marcin Surosz, CEO at SURICO, explains, “When it comes to medical applications, and in particular megavolt radiotherapy, the use of heavy concrete begins in the 1980s. During those times the development of concrete technology allowed concrete densities above 3 g/cm3. Back in the days, the use of barite as a component of heavy concrete became widespread. Since 2010, SURICO started to offer barriers made of magnetite concrete. Thanks to proprietary solutions and a series of tests, in 2012 we completed the first project at the Wrocław Technology Park. We noticed that from 2014 magnetite concrete became an equally applied shielding against megavolt radiation.”

Radiation shielding facilities in Poland

Recent years have seen the dynamic development of radiotherapy in Poland. These were supported by government programs, which has contributed to a greater number of investments carried out by both public hospitals and private companies. One of which was the project of building a private veterinary clinic with a bunker for radiotherapy for animals, where the 6 MV accelerator is mounted. The constructor designed the building with both normal concrete and heavy MagnaDense concrete to optimise costs.

Currently, in Poland, the increasing investments have made sure that the Polish health care system is almost reaching the recommended number of accelerators for the number of inhabitants as indicated by the European Radiotherapy Association.

Cooperation LKAB Minerals and Surico

“Since we supplied our first batch of MagnaDense to Poland, Surico have shown to be a trustworthy partner in radiation shielding project the Eastern European country”, says Marian Zilinsky, Magnetite Sales Manager for Eastern Europe. He continuous, “LKAB Minerals always has the intention to enter into long-term relationships with its customers, and I’m glad to see this is a fruitful cooperation for both parties”.

“Until now we have worked together in over ten projects in four years’ time,” Mr Surosz confirms, “and we currently have more in the pipeline”.