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Sweco’s interest in high density concrete

Daniel Nyberg (Sweco), Bo Öhman (LKAB Minerals), Magnus Lindqvist, Susanne Waara-Johansson, Hans Robertsson (Sweco) and Lars Vikström (LKAB Minerals)
Daniel Nyberg (Sweco), Bo Öhman (LKAB Minerals), Magnus Lindqvist, Susanne Waara-Johansson, Hans Robertsson (Sweco) and Lars Vikström (LKAB Minerals)

"It is innovative, less expensive and above all, less complex" commented Magnus Lindqvist, Regional manager for Sweco Civil AB on designing bridges, tunnels and other constructions with high density concrete.

Lars Vikström and Bo Öhman from LKAB Minerals’ Luleå office met up with Sweco, a large Swedish based planning, design, and engineering company to share ideas that has the potential to lower cost, simplify the process and promote sustainability, using the magnetite construction aggregate MagnaDense

Different grades of MagnaDense

MagnaDense is produced in sizes adapted for concrete production and ballasting, it has specific density up to 5.1 t/m3

Bridges, tunnels, keys and foundations with High Density Concrete

Lars, LKAB Minerals’ Chief Technology Officer, held a presentation starting with the fundamentals of physics for mass and density, and then presented some typical uses of high density concrete. Examples included subsea structures and radiation shielding which are accepted and common uses today. He then went on to talk about other uses that have yet to gain the same awareness, namely structures under groundwater level, such as bridges, tunnels, keys, and foundations


In air, one cubic meter MagnaDense concrete weighs 1.6 tonnes, or 66 percent, more than standard concrete. If submerged the difference will, thanks to Archimedes principle increase to roughly 115 percent more. This clearly demonstrates the benefits MagnaDense concrete can provide. 

Wondering about or objecting to the cost!

“Understanding that higher density concrete can replace other common technologies such as rock anchoring is easy. But, it is now that you are wondering about or objecting to the cost!” Lars said to the group that nodded and also asked about the logistics, if far away from the mine. He then continued “Instead of just comparing the aggregate or concrete costs, we looked at the total cost of the project delivery, considering that some costs will increase while others will decrease. Our three selected cases detailed costs to be similar or lower. This will not always be the case but is reason enough to include this technical option for review whenever having to manage upward forces. And speaking of logistics, we have delivered to the other side of the planet, to projects in Australia, so supplying Europe or Sweden is not a problem regardless of quantities”.

Advancing knowledge within Sweco

Hans Robertsson, Project manager at Sweco for Bridges, Tunnels and Ports immediately brought up some current projects he was working on for discussion. “This is something that is almost forgotten about as a technical option. This presentation was a very good reminder and showed that there are many different opportunities for using high density concrete”. Hans then went on to propose to follow up meetings to be planned when they had an actual case to develop and where LKAB Minerals could support. And in addition to this, Hans wanted to offer this opportunity to colleagues in other Sweco offices through their technical seminars which Bo and Lars were excited about.

Be innovative!

“We should present this option to our customer in a bridge project we have, it is both innovative, can be time efficient and reduce CO2 emissions” Magnus Lindqvist, Regional Manager for Sweco concluded.

Do you want to learn about the innovative ways that MagnaDense concrete or loose ballast can improve cost, sustainability, time and quality? Contact your local MagnaDense sales representative!