Join us at the Plastics Recycling Technology 2019 event - LKAB Minerals
Detectable polymer with MagniF

Will you join us in exploring the future of plastics recycling? Hear the latest news on how our Ultra Fine Ground Magnetite (UFGM) can help you with this.

During this event speakers will provide the audience with information on new ways to boost productivity, quality and profitability.

Exploration of the vital role of plastic additives

On Wednesday, June 19th, our colleague, Stefan Viering, will present the attendances his view on the opportunities of UFGM for plastic recycling. In his presentation, titled Ultra-fine ground magnetite – the natural dopant for plastics recycling, he will elaborate on the subject in depth.

During the presentation, Stefan will tell you all about:

Our goal is not only to inform you of UFGM but also to gain interest from potential industry partners. Thereto, we want to start a joint development. In particular, one the allows us to benefit from the unique properties of magnetite in a circular plastics economy.

Industrial minerals for plastics

Nowadays, different LKAB Minerals products are already used in making plastics. For example, our natural flame retardants UltraCarb and ATH are used in the production of:

Further, our customers use different grades of our fine and dried magnetite, MagniF, for detectable plastics in packaging or tags. And they also use our MagniF as a dense material to give weight in:

There is a world to explore already!

AMI’s Plastics Recycling Technology conference

For the second time, after the successful launch edition in 2017, AMI again runs its Plastics Recycling Technology conference. In particular, the event wants to bring together key players and industry experts from across the supply chain. And finally their goal is to explore how technology enables the increase of plastic recycling rates and can add value to recycled materials.

Important event information

Consequently, we hope you will be able to join our colleague Stefan in Düsseldorf to learn about and share knowledge on opportunities for plastics recycling using industrial minerals. You can register online for this exciting event.

In conclusion, we summarise what we believe is the most important information about this show:

  • Date:                                 18 – 19 June 2019
  • Location:                           Hilton Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Presentation:                   Ultra-fine ground magnetite – the natural dopant for plastics recycling – Wednesday, June 19th at 2.20 PM
  • Presenter:                        Mr Stefan VieringLKAB Minerals GmbH

In case you can’t make it to the show but would like to receive more information about the presentation, please contact Mr Stefan Viering. Likewise, you can contact your regional technical sales manager for additional information on our products for plastics.