Alumina recycled materials

LKAB Minerals offer a portfolio of alumina-based recycled refractory materials, sourced and processed in the UK.

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The process of recycling refractory materials involves sorting to remove contamination before being primary crushed and dried. After this, we process the material to individual customer specifications. We make sure that we carry out chemical analysis at each stage of the process to ensure consistency.

To make this more visible we have two videos available that explain our work with these materials in short:

  1. Sustainable Refractory Recycling
  2. Refractory Toll Processing
Recycled refractory brick in hand

Alumina recycled materials standard grades

  • 5-8mm (-8+5mm)
  • 3-5mm (-5+3mm)
  • 1-3mm (-3+1mm)
  • 0-1mm (-1mm)
  • 0-250μm (-60#)
  • 0-150μm (-100#)
  • 0-15μm (-200#)

Other grades are available on request.

Alumina recycled materials packaging

Our recycled materials are available in 25kg paper sacks, 1000kg bulk bags or as bulk as standard.

Our core range of alumina recycled materials include:

Chemical properties

Al2O3 [%]MgO [%]SiO2 [%]Fe2O3 [%]
Alumina 9597.
Alumina 9092.
Alumina 6571.50.421.51.9
Alumina 5557.20.537.61.2
Alumina 4041.50.850.52.8

Non-core products

Aside from our range of core materials, LKAB Minerals can supply additional alumina recycled materials upon request including:

  • Alumina 60 AND
  • Alumina 48
  • Alumina 45
  • Cordierite
  • Alumina Carbon 80
  • Alumina Carbon 75
  • Alumina Carbon 65

Contact your local sales representative for further information.

Alumina recycled materials origins

LKAB Minerals recycled materials originate predominantly from steel and cement works. Together with a partner company we recover, sort and process the material in the UK.

Alumina recycled materials toxicology

Our range of alumina recycled materials is non-toxic, non-hazardous stable minerals. You can download the Safety Data Sheets from the documents tab.

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