Andalusite is an alumino-silicate mineral occurring in metamorphic rocks as elongated rhombic prisms, sometimes of gem quality.

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LKAB Minerals Andalusite is an alumino-silicate raw material used in the manufacture of refractory linings. Andalusite is used extensively where greater thermal shock resistance is required. Additionally, refractories made with Andalusite can be used effectively under abrasive conditions.

LKAB Minerals offer virgin Andalusite and recycled Alumina 60 AND for refractory applications. To learn more about our range of alumina recycled materials, click here.

Grey stone like mineral andalusite on glass plate

Andalusite standard grades

  • 5-8mm (-8+5mm)
  • 3-5mm (-5+3mm)
  • 1-3mm (-3+1mm)
  • 0-1mm (-1mm)
  • 0-250μm (-60#)
  • 0-150μm (-100#)
  • 0-15μm (-200#)

Other grades are available on request.

Andalusite packaging

Our Andalusite product range is available in 25kg paper sacks, 1000kg bulk bags or as bulk as standard.

The typical properties of Andalusite are:

Chemical properties of Andalusite

Al2O3 [%]
SiO2 [%]
Fe2O3 [%]
MgO [%]

Andalusite toxicology

A non-toxic, non-hazardous stable mineral. You can download the Safety Data Sheet in the documents TAB.

Safety Datasheet

Product Definition