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LKAB Minerals offer a range of fine ground Aluminium Trihydrate (ATH) products. Our customers use ATH as feedstock for a wide range of alumina chemicals.

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Flame retardant action

ATH decomposes when exposed to heat yielding aluminium oxide and water by the following reaction:

2Al(OH)3 -> Al2O3 + 3H2O

The decomposition starts at 180°C and is endothermic with a heat change of -1050J/g, a total loss of 34.7% of the original weight is seen. When incorporated into organic materials such as plastics, textiles, and wood, the ATH takes heat away from the flame front. Water vapour near the surface of the burning material leads to oxygen depletion reducing the burning rate of the gases.

Smoke suppression action

One reason for using ATH in flame retardant formulations is its action as a smoke suppressant. The high surface area aluminium oxide formed as a result of decomposition absorbs the combustion products responsible for the formation of soot particles.

ATH source

Aluminium Trihydrate, also known as Aluminium Trihydroxide or Alumina Trihydrate, is derived from Bauxite Ore. This natural ore is refined to a fine white powder via the Bayer process. After washing and drying it is used as the feedstock for a wide range of Alumina chemicals. The raw material used for the ATH products is from a high purity source.

Our ATH products are manufactured in Europe.

ATH - Aluminium Trihydroxide mineral powder

ATH standard grades

  • General grades: M6B, M8B, M10B, M15B, M20B, M25B
  • Low viscosity grade: B302

ATH packaging

Our ATH product range is available in paper sacks or big bags. Some of our ATH grades are available in bulk, please contact your sales representative to find out if this applies to the grade you would like to purchase.

The typical properties of ATH are:

Physical properties of ATH:

Specific gravity [g/cm³]
Refractive index
Hardness (Mohs)
1.5 - 3.5
Moisture content at 105°C/1h [%]
Loose bulk density [kg/l]
0.6 - 1.41
pH content (20% w/v slurry)

Chemical properties of ATH

Al2O3 [%]
H2O [%]

Safety Data Sheet

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