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MagnaDense, used mainly as loose ballast or as aggregate for high density concrete, is a high quality and dense aggregate manufactured from natural Magnetite.

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Mark McKenna

Business Development Manager Magnetite
MagnaDense heavy aggregate for high density concrete

Depending on your specific application, you will find that MagnaDense can bring you different advantages such as:

  • Increased weight and/or density
  • Reduced volumes
  • Reduced heat of hydration
  • High radiation shielding characteristics
  • Space saving
  • Noise and vibration dampening
  • Thermal energy storage
  • High submerged/saturated density

MagnaDense applications

  • MagnaDense in loose ballast applications

    Often used as loose ballast, MagnaDense makes it easier to recycle and reclaim. Typical applications are:

  • MagnaDense in special applications

    Night Storage Heaters, where energy/heat is stored in bricks are another niche application for MagnaDense.

MagnaDense standard grades

MagnaDense is available in coarse and fine grades as well as mixtures of these grades and complies with requirements of EN 12620. Top sizes for our dense product range from 0.5mm to 20mm. Each grade has a controlled particle size distribution and has been designed to ensure the heavy dense natural mineral fits your application.

Select your country in the contact box on the bottom of this page to request MagnaDense detailed data from one of our Sales Managers.

MagnaDense packaging

We can deliver MagnaDense in bulk or bags by:

  • Ship
  • Barge
  • Container
  • Train
  • Individual truckload

We are part of the international LKAB Group. LKAB Minerals has 13 different sites across the world where local knowledge is available. Most locations have their own storage facilities and can, therefore, supply you on-time and economically, all year-round the best quality MagnaDense.


Interested in what MagnaDense can do for you?

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My name is Mark McKenna and I'm a MagnaDense product expert located in United States.

If you are interested in what this product can do for you, please give me a call or send me a message.

Office 001(312) 513-5741
Mobile 001(312) 513-5741

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08:00 AM - 17:00 PM

Local time in United States is 00:53 AM (UTC -5)

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Common questions and answers

  • What is the price/mt for MagnaDense?

    Please call or email the sales manager responsible for your area to obtain the most accurate price for MagnaDense. Please specify the quantity needed, the MagnaDense grade, the required packaging and the place of delivery. If you need any help determining this, your contact person will be happy to assist you.

  • Is MagnaDense magnetic?

    MagnaDense, manufactured from the natural Magnetite is ferri-magnetic. This means it won't attract other metals, but like steel, a magnet will stick to it. Magnetite has an approximately 99.5% magnetic content. This means that the magnetite particles can be easily recovered/positioned/steered using magnetism.

  • Is MagnaDense certified?

    Yes, MagnaDense has a CE certification and is a consistent product approved to EN12620.

  • What concrete densities can be achieved with MagnaDense aggregate?

    Depending on the mix design you can reach concrete densities up to 4000 kg/m3 using only MagnaDense as an aggregate. For densities, up to 5000 kg/m3, a blend of MagnaDense and steel punchings can be used. Our sales managers are experienced in helping our customers to determine the right mix design for each project. Contact us to discuss the best solution in your case.