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MicaFort is a range of naturally platy minerals manufactured from Phlogopite and Muscovite Mica. The product range is distinguished by their high thermal stability and high aspect ratio.

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Melissa Bartz

Inside sales / Sales coordination Americas
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Within the building and construction area the high aspect ratio platy particles provide an excellent balance of mechanical, thermal and dimensional properties.

MicaFort special properties

Special properties of MicaFort are:

  • chemical inertness
  • hydrophilic nature
  • barrier-forming ability due to parallel particle alignment in matrices
  • high thermal stability (up to 1000°C)
  • elastic but tough particles
  • very low silica content for Phlogopite grades
  • excellent brightness and whiteness for Muscovite grades
  • high dielectric strength and electrical insulation properties

Sustainable Mica sourcing

To ensure integrity in your value chain, we can confirm that LKAB Minerals exclusively source MicaFort from global strategic partners and our exclusive access to high-quality material from Finland. By using our extensive mineral processing knowledge, we produce a broad portfolio of Phlogopite and Muscovite Mica products to be used in a variety of applications.
The main markets for MicaFort are polymers, coatings, and construction.


MicaFort applications

  • MicaFort in building and construction

    Used in the production of wall boards and cladding MicaFort improves dimensional stability, reduces shrinkage, lowers weight, increases fire resistance and increases thermal insulation properties. As an additive for sprayable cement, MicaFort provides an excellent balance of mechanical, thermal and dimensional properties.

    Other building applications using MicaFort include joint compounds and plasters.

  • Car interior, sound dampening with MicaFort

    MicaFort in polymers and coatings

    MicaFort finds increasing use in thermoplastic compounds but also PE, TPO, PBT as well as duroplastic polymers and elastomerica systems benefit from MicaFort’s unique properties.

    Industrial coatings such as marine, anti-corrosive and chemical resistant paints benefit from the inert nature of MicaFort.

MicaFort standard grades

  • Dry ground: PD900, PD200, MD500, MD250, MD150, MD100
  • Micronised: MM75, SCM-3W, SX300, SX400
  • Silane coated: PW80S, PW30S
  • Wet ground: PW80, PW30, R302, R120, R90, P66

MicaFort packaging

Our MicaFort product range is available in paper sacks or big bags. Some of our MicaFort grades are available in bulk, please contact your sales representative to find out if this applies to the grade you like to purchase.

Typical properties of MicaFort are as following:

Physical properties of MicaFort

Specific gravity [g/cm³] 2.8
Refractive index 1.58 – 1.6
Hardness (Mohs) 2 - 3
pH (ISO 787-9) 8 - 9

Chemical properties of MicaFort

Phlogopite Mica is a hydrated silicate of potassium and magnesium whereas Muscovite Mica a hydrated silicate of potassium and aluminium is.

MicaFort origin

Muscovite is a constituent of acid igneous rocks like granite, pegmatite or alaskite, some regionally metamorphosed rocks and clastic sedimentary rocks, ad is a product of alteration. Most commercial deposits are derived from pegmatites which contain 1-2% and rarely up to 10% muscovite. Mica is found in many regions of the world in the form of pegmatite rock and mica schist.

Phlogopite is associated with metamorphosed limestone and ultrabasic rocks, particularly hydrothermal veins formed through metasomatism of magnesium-rich rocks as well as ultrabasic and carbonatite ring intrusions associated with ancient shield areas. LKAB Minerals' Phlogopite Mica is sourced from a major deposit in Finland.

MicaFort toxicology

Phlogopite and Muscovite Mica are non-toxic natural minerals. For further information please download the Safety Data Sheets in the box on the right.


Interested in what MicaFort can do for you?

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