Calcifert Sulphur BZn

You can address trace element deficiency as well as calcium and sulphur issues. Use our calcium sulphate product combined with boron and zinc which also includes humates and bio-stimulants.

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Getting the balance right

Results from 4,000 soil tests in the United Kingdom have shown significant deficiencies in both Boron and Zinc. Also, crop tissue analysis results highlighted the importance of ensuring an adequate supply of Calcium and Sulphur as these show deficiencies regularly.

Soil lacking in any of the four elements, Boron, Zinc, Calcium and Sulphur are likely to result in:

  • reduced crop quality
  • yield
  • under-utilised fertiliser

Our Calcifert Sulphur BZn contains all four mentioned elements. It helps to improve crop quality and yield, as well as the storability of fruit and vegetables through the supply of calcium. It is suitable for all crop types, and it benefits the crop throughout its whole life. The benefit is because it is applied to the soil and not to the leaf.

Calcifert sulphur bzn

Benefits of Calcifert Sulphur BZn

Ensuring your soil gets the best nutrient our Calcifert Sulphur BZn can provide your land and crops with:

a) Soluble Calcium in a form that:

  • Increases plant cell strength
  • Improves resistance to disease
  • will not alter pH
  • Increases storage potential and shelf life of produce
  • valuable in soils where crop demand outstrips the ability of the soil to supply calcium

b) Sulphur:

  • Supplies Sulphate the crop available form of Sulphur
  • Balances high nitrogen fertiliser rates (often linked to vegetable production).
  • Improves Nitrogen use efficiency
  • Increased production of protein in forages

c) Boron, as this is essential for calcium uptake by the plant. It is vital for:

  • cell wall formation
  • sugar transportation
  • the development of seeds and flowers
  • ensuring active nitrogen fixation and nodulation in legumes
  • enhancing the uptake of phosphate and potash

d) Zinc is essential for plant health. It aids:

  • the production of auxins – essential growth hormones
  • starch formation
  • root development
  • the creation of chlorophyll and carbohydrates
  • to increase the ability of the plant to absorb calcium
  • and plays a vital role in pollination and seed development

Trial work has shown that the presence of boron and zinc has a significant effect on the level of a broad range of nutrients present in tissue analysis due to the improved vigour and cell development.

Benefits of Calcifert Sulphur BZn

When you need to correct these specific trace element deficiency as well as calcium and sulphur issues Calcifert Sulphur BZn provides the following benefits:

  • quick and easy way to supply calcium, sulphur, boron and zinc to the soil
  • a neutralising value of zero, meaning it won’t affect the pH of your soil
  • Boron and Zinc in Calcifert Sulphur BZn granules are of uniform concentration
  • enables the precise and consistent application to the ground
  • both elements are available to the plant in the early stages of growth
  • essential for cell and leaf development and plant vigour
  • optimises Calcium absorption and transport

Supplying the Boron and Zinc to the soil has the significant benefit of:

  • being available as soon as the plant is growing
  • not having to wait until there is leaf present to foliar apply
  • being more cost-effective than foliar applications
  • avoiding the complications of tank mixing these products

Calcifert Sulphur BZn also includes humates and bio-stimulants derived from green seaweed extracts, supplying both humic and fulvic acids to improve plant and soil performance.

Product Analysis

Typical product analysis for Calcifert Sulphur BZn:

ElementTotal percentage in granulate
Calcium (Ca)39%
Sulphur (SO3)56%
Boron (B)0.5%
Zinc (zn)0.5%

Calcifert Sulphur BZn is one of the purest Calcium Sulphate products available on the market.

Application rate Calcifert Sulphur BZn

A standard application rate of 200 kg/ha will deliver 1 kg of elemental Boron, 1kg of elemental Zinc, 64 kg of Calcium as CaO and 112 kg of Sulphur as SO3. Using this application rate allows you to meet the Boron and Zinc needs of most crops.

Packaging Calcifert Sulphur BZn

Calcifert Sulphur BZn is available in 600kg bags and can be self-spread, making it ideal for targeting specific fields and perfect for precision farming.

  • What rate of Calcifert Sulphur BZn should be applied?


    This will depend on the Boron and Zinc requirement, and you should determine this from soil and tissue analysis.

  • How will Calcifert Sulphur BZn help crop quality?


    Supplying soluble Calcium improves cell strength. Both Boron and Zinc aid the transport and absorption of calcium in the plant. Sulphur is also known to improve skin finish and taste in certain crops.

  • Can crop storage potential be improved?


    Yes, supplying Calcium aid cell strength and reduces the incidence of Internal Rust Spot in potatoes and bitter pit in apples.