Calcified Lime +

High specification soil conditioner based on Calcifert Lime, complete with humates, trace elements and more!

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Calcium Lime+ is suitable for all crop situations requiring calcium and trace elements.

The agricultural industry uses this product in all cropping situations which require a pH adjustment. It is particularly beneficial in soils which have a low organic matter content and also where biological activity in the soil is known to be small.  Authorities approve the use of this product for organic cropping as well.

Calcifert Lime

Calcified Lime+ product details

LKAB Minerals’ Calcified Lime + is a high specification soil conditioner based on our premium quality Calcifert Lime product. This particular product combines lime, trace elements, humates (fulvic/humic) and plant bio-stimulants to improve plant and soil performance.

Benefits of Calcified Lime+

Using the LKAB Minerals granulates will provide landowners with the following benefits:

  • Rapid supply of calcium to soil and plants
  • Fast pH adjustment, improving nutrient uptake
  • Improved grass palatability
  • Better soil structure
  • Increased soil microbial activity
  • Self-spread to 36m using standard spreader
  • Low application rates
  • Fine ground limestone means >99% reactivity.
  • A Neutralising Value of 54

Packaging Calcified Lime+

LKAB Minerals supply the granulates in 600 kg big bags.

  • Where do I buy Calcified Lime+?


    Please check the stockist TAB mentioned on the Calcifert product page.

  • Is Calcified Lime+ approved for use in Organic farming?


    Yes, it has been approved by OF&G (Organic Farmers and Growers) company.

  • Will this product help kick start soil microbial activity?


    Yes, the Biostimulant inclusion will help facilitate this, in conjunction with other necessary remedial actions.