Calcified Sulphur+

Calcified Sulphur+ is a high specification soil conditioner based on Calcifert Sulphur, complete with humates, trace elements and more.

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Our customers use Calcified Sulphur+ in all cropping situations where a supply of both Calcium and Sulphur are required. This will be of particular relevance where high rates of Nitrogen are being used and where calcium is known to be deficient and is necessary for crop quality and proper storage ( fruit, vegetables and potatoes). It is especially beneficial in soils which have a low organic matter content and also where biological activity in the soil is known to be low.

Calcifert Lime

Calcified Sulphur+ product details

Calcified Sulphur+ is a high specification soil conditioner based on our premium quality Calcifert Sulphur product, combined with trace elements, humates (fulvic/humic) and plant bio-stimulants to improve plant and soil performance.

It is suitable for all crop situations requiring:

  • calcium
  • sulphur

Benefits Calcified Sulphur+

We are confident to state that the benefits of our Calcified Sulphur+ include:

  • Rapid supply of calcium and sulphur to soil and plants
  • Supplies a pH neutral source of calcium
  • Ideal for long storage vegetables and potatoes
  • Increased nitrogen efficiency
  • Improved soil structure and increased microbial activity in soils
  • Can be self-spread to 36m using a standard spreader

Product Analysis

Typical product analysis for Calcified Sulphur+:

ElementTotal percentage in granulate
Calcium (CaO)39%
Sulphur (SO3)56%

Application rate Calcified Sulphur+

The application rate for Calcified Sulphur+ will depend on crop requirement. We advise you to seek FACTS qualified advice.

Packaging Calcified Sulphur+

We supply our Calcified Sulphur+ products in 600 kg big bags.