Flowdol - White, pure magnesium carbonate fillers and extenders

We mill our Flowdol range of calcium magnesium carbonates in Europe from high quality, sustainable, crystalline dolomite deposit.

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Benefits of milled magnesium carbonates

The Flowdol grades possess:

  • low iron content
  • strictly controlled particle size distribution
  • excellent dispersion properties
  • exceptional brightness
  • raw material purity

Industries and end-products using Flowdol

Flowdol is used in a wide variety of industries including:

The milled calcium magnesium carbonate range is used as a filler or extender in end-products such as:

Flowdol - Dolomite

Milled dolomite product range

Flowdol products are manufactured in Gurney Slade, United Kingdom, using a state-of-the-art mill to produce two different types of milled dolomite:

Flowdol grade50% Passing Microns99% Passing Microns
Flowdol 5050425
Flowdol 2525128

Both Flowdol products are available to collect from our plant in Somerset in either:

  • bulk load
  • 1,000 kg bags
  • 25 kg sacks

Physical Properties

Specific GravityHardness Mohs ScaleMoistureBrightness (CIE)
2.85 kg/L3.50.3% Max85% Mins

Spanish dolomite source

Using dolomite from Southern Spain, the Flowdol range provides some of the whitest and purest materials currently available on the market.

Flowdol toxicology

Calcium magnesium carbonates are non-toxic natural minerals. For further information, please download the Safety Data Sheets from the DOCUMENTATION tab.