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MinSand is a perfectly spherical refractory bead produced by fusing and supercooling Bauxite in an electric arc furnace.

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Martin Meese

Product Manager, Foundry & Glass
Different grades of MinSand foundry sand

MinSand has several properties that make the product quite unique on the market:

Flow Characteristics

The spherical particle shape significantly improves the flowability of the sand/binder mixture allowing cores of complex shapes to be blown when compared to alternative angular sands.

Thermal Expansion

MinSand has a very low rate of thermal expansionwhich enables castings to be produced with a high degree of dimensional accuracy when compared to mould and cores produced from alternative sands. This is eminently suitable for automotive cylinder blocks and heads.

Binder quantities/strength

The spherical nature of LKAB Minerals MinSand results in a reduced surface area enabling cores and moulds to be produced using lower resin additions. The mixed sand costs are reduced accordingly because of the lower resin demand.

Resin Systems

LKAB Minerals MinSand is compatible with resin systems including pre-coated shell moulding sands. The sand grains have a very smooth surface that is easily resin coated.

MinSand applications

  • Foundry supplies - MinSand in the foundry industry

    MinSand in the foundry industry

    Because of its almost perfectly spherical particle shape, MinSand is widely used in the foundry industry as mould and core sand. In core production, binder savings of up to 50% compared to other sands are achievable without loss in core strength. At the same time, MinSand cores show excellent surfaces and thus produce excellent casting surfaces.

MinSand standard grades

MinSand is available in the following grades:

  • P Grades:
    • AFS 30
    • AFS 40
    • AFS 44
    • AFS 50
    • AFS 55
    • AFS 65
    • AFS 75
    • AFS 80
    • AFS 90
    • AFS 110
  • G Grades:
    • AFS 30
    • AFS 40
    • AFS 50
    • AFS 55
    • AFS 65
    • AFS 75
    • AFS 80
    • AFS 90

Please contact your local sales representative for further information by using the contact us area below.

MinSand packaging

Regular packaging modes for our MinSand are 1,000 kg big bags and 25 kg paper bags.

The typical properties of MinSand are:

Physical properties of MinSand

Bulk density [g/cm³] 1.9
pH 7.5
Particle shape spherical
Colour brown-black

Chemical properties of MinSand

Al2O3 [%] 75.9
Fe2O3 [%] 1.59

MinSand toxicology

For further information on toxiciology, you can download the Safety Data Sheet in the section on the right hand side.

Please contact us for datasheets on a single grade or further information on our MinSand product range. You can find our sales contact by choosing your country in the upper right expert box of this page.

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