Iron Ore Pellets

Iron Ore Pellets, Iron Ore Fines and Sinter Fines for use in the steel industry are sold and supplied from our group resources at LKAB Sweden.

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LKAB supplies blast furnace and direct reduction pellets (DR pellets) to the steel industry, please contact LKAB directly if your request is regarding iron ore for steel production.

LKAB also mines and sells minerals through LKAB Minerals, including processing and selling iron ore for applications outside of the steel industry.

LKAB Minerals sells Iron Ore Pellets for specific other industries, for use in Ferro Alloy and Catalyst production.

For all other industries we supply products that originate from the natural mineral Magnetite but have been processed in various ways. Each of LKAB Minerals’ products have their own specifications, grades and application industries.

Iron ore pellets - natural mineral

Iron ore pellets standard grades

Iron ore pellets are available with different specifications. For detailed information we recommend you to contact one of our business development managers via the above expert box.

Iron ore pellets packaging

We can deliver pellets in bulk or bags by:

  • Vessel
  • Container
  • Truck

Iron ore pellets mineral origin

LKAB  processes iron ore from own group resources in the north of Sweden, thus ensuring a long-term reliable source of consistent quality material. LKAB’s iron ore pellets are manufactured from the natural mineral Magnetite.

Iron ore pellets toxicology

The product is harmless to the environment, non-toxic in all its forms