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Molybdenum is a silvery-white metal with one of the highest melting points of any element and has one of the lowest coefficients of thermal expansion amongst metals.

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Magnus Johansson

Sales Manager

Its name is derived from the Greek word "molybdos", meaning lead.

Molybdenum's ability to withstand extreme temperatures without significant thermal expansion or softening makes it useful in applications involving intense heat, such as:

  • lighting filaments
  • aircraft parts
  • electrical contacts
  • industrial motors
  • nuclear energy applications

Molybdenum applications

  • Ball bearing - steel alloys

    Molybdenum in steel alloys

    Molybdenum has the property to reduce brittleness, increase toughness and enhance corrosion resistance.

    Alloy steels include the stronger and tougher steels for automotive parts, construction equipment, and gas transmission pipes. Other major uses as an alloy include tool steels for bearings, dies, machining components; cast irons, for steel mill rolls, auto parts, crusher parts; superalloys for use in furnace parts, gas turbine parts, and chemical processing equipment.

  • Stainless steel - pots and pans

    Molybdenum in stainless steel

    In stainless steels it improves the strength and corrosion-resistance which is a requirement for

    • water distribution systems
    • food handling equipment
    • and chemical processing equipment for homes, hospitals, and laboratories.

Molybdenum standard grades

LKAB Minerals sells Molybdenum as bars or rods.

Molybdenum mineral origin

LKAB Minerals' Molybdenum originates from reliable sources in the U.S. and China.

Molybdenum toxicology

The product is harmless to the environment, non-toxic in all its forms and a sustainable materials.


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