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MagniF, produced from the natural iron oxide Magnetite, is the product range especially developed to be used as a functional filler in polymers and coatings.

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Melissa Bartz

Inside sales / Sales coordination Americas
MagniF powder

MagniF is a very pure and fine powder milled from the natural mineral Magnetite mined and processed at our own group resources in the north of Sweden. This relation ensures a long-term, reliable source of consistent quality material.

MagniF from the natural iron oxide Magnetite is ferri-magnetic, greyish-black in colour as well as thermally and electrically conductive.

MagniF applications

  • magnet paint for chalkboards

    MagniF in coatings

    Due to MagniF's inherent ferri-magnetic properties, coatings including the natural iron oxide mineral become magnet receptive. Magnets are attracted and hold by surfaces for interior wall application with base paints including MagniF. You can easily paint it over or cover it with wallpaper, due to its purity and strength, MagniF filled coatings stay magnet receptive.

  • high density polymers with MagniF

    MagniF in polymer and rubber

    MagniF is a functional filler for polymers and rubbers for a variety of applications, either in the automotive, construction, food or packaging industry. Read more about it on our MagniF for polymers page.

MagniF standard grades

MagniF has three standard grades:

  • MagniF 10
  • MagniF 25
  • MagniF 50

MagniF 10 and 25 are available as food approved grades for the use in applications with food contact:

  • MagniF 10F
  • MagniF 25F

MagniF packaging

Our MagniF product range is available in paper sacks or big bags. Due to the products conditions no bulk solution is available.

The typical properties of MagniF are:

Physical properties of MagniF

Solid density [g/cm3] 5.2
Bulk density [g/cm3] 1.9
Hardness (Mohs) 6
Moisture content [%] < 0.3
Irregular particle shape with a low aspect ratio  
Rust spot resistance  

Chemical properties of MagniF

Fe3O4 [%] 97 - 99

MagniF mineral origin

LKAB Minerals' Magnetite is mined from our own group resources. The LKAB mines are located in Kiruna and Malmberget in the northern part of Sweden. The iron ore is mined and milled at the mine site and railed to one of two ports - Luleå in Sweden or Narvik in Norway. The ports are part of the LKAB Group logistics structure. LKAB Minerals supply from these ports and from strategic stocks at various locations around the world.

MagniF toxicology

Magnetite is inert, will not rust and does not degrade with time or usage. It is ferri-magnetic and for that reason will be attracted by a magnet. This natural mineral can be recovered, recycled and reused over and over again.


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