A sparkling interior design using DekorFlake natural micas - LKAB Minerals
DekorFlake mixture

Using DekorFlake shiny micas is a way to aesthetically change the looks of a building in a natural way.

Rain or shine, your construction will always glitter, adding a feel of luxury to it.

Constructions benefitting from glitter

When adding glitter to an interior, this is only done to improve the looks of the final interior. It really is a matter of ‘good’ taste to apply gold, silver, bronze or black sparkling to your end-product.

Our customers apply DekorFlake to:


You can mix our DekorFlake in your concrete, allowing for a sophisticated sparkle in your floor.

Concrete walls

Besides mixing the glitters into your floor, you can do the same in your concrete wall. You can apply this of course not only inside your construction but because the micas are UV stable and weather-resistant, you can also use these on the outside of your building.


Many paints use mica in their recipe for anti-corrosion. While other micas offer anti-corrosion properties to paint, the DekorFlake micas addition to paint is 100% stylish. We offer the product in different particle sizes, one finer than the other. Therefore, you can optimise the final product as you like to get the exact sparkle you want.

Ceramic tiles

We offer a thermally-stable product to tile glaze manufacturers. This is because our DekorFlake will remain stable both in colour and shape at tile firing temperatures higher than 900°C. If you wish to create a distinctive pattern or natural effect, our shiny minerals are the perfect solution.


Putting sparkling accents on small parts of your wallpaper design is possible when using DekorFlake micas. The product will allow you to highlight a specific part of your drawing, or you can use the micas all over the final wallpaper. Choose how you like to use the gold, silver, bronze or black sparkles.

Vinyl tiles

Another way of decorating your flooring besides mixing the micas into your concrete is to use vinyl tiles with DekorFlake glittering. These viny tiles offer consumers a product that is easy to apply and remove to create the looks that match their interior design. Our customers use all available DekorFlake colours in their vinyl tiles; choose the sparkle that is most appropriate for your final product.

Product properties DekorFlake micas

Although using the glittering products mainly has an esthetic reason, the micas also have several physical properties that benefit the final product. These are:

  • Colour consistency
  • UV stability
  • Weather resistance
  • Metallic lustre
  • Tightly controlled particle size distribution
  • Solvent resistance
  • Acid and alkali resistance
  • Robust, plate-shaped particles

More information, a sample or technical support is available via our product page.