Strengthen supplier partnership is continuous mutual effort | LKAB Minerals
3rd party tablet tool for training

We commit ourselves to continuously offer our support in advising additional improvements to work environments and conducting supplier training.

To show this commitment, our Chief Purchasing Officer, Anders Lundgren, and Gary Mansfield, Supply Chain Manager UK, joined a supplier training on sustainability in China this month.

Supplier support from LKAB Minerals

Dragon Sun, LKAB minerals Health Safety & Environment specialist, trained one of our bauxite suppliers. To this means we explained our Code of Conduct in detail to the employees. In addition, we handed practical tools and advice on how to take safety in the working environment to next level. Among others we introduced the ideas of making safety rounds, to allow our supplier to continuously develop their safety concept. LKAB Minerals also offered and handed out a 3rd party tablet-based training tool on sustainability. This tool supports the understanding of safety and makes the dialogue with workers easier. The tool offers videos and typical safety scenarios in a factory”, Dragon explained. The tool also includes a quiz where the user can test his or her knowledge after taking the tablet-based training tour.

Continuous improvement strengthens partnership

Anders tells us, “During 2016 and 2017 we have taken better control in high-risk areas by introducing our supplier management method. As a consequence we are proud to report having audited all exporting companies in China we work with. Furthermore, we now take the next important step to ensure deeper understanding and improvement in sustainable and safe business.

Follow-up audits and site training are important tools to further engage with our suppliers. I am very pleased to see how much our suppliers appreciate our support and training. Our suppliers see our way of working in partnership with them as a trustworthy relationship. This shows that we are available to help both parties to achieve continuous improvement in the supply chain. Doing it together is the way to get people on-board to cooperate and reach better working conditions”.

We can conclude that our procurement and supplier assessment method is now fully operational. LKAB Minerals audited all exporting suppliers and we understand the working conditions at our supplier sites. However, we are well aware the there is never an end to our journey. We will continuously monitor our relationships by following up on the agreed actions and offering our support.