LKAB Minerals makes sustainable sourcing a priority for industrial minerals
Lotta Liljelund - swedish embassy in Beijing

The key focus for LKAB Minerals supplier day in Shanghai this month was the development of supplier partnerships.

LKAB Minerals is active in the industrial minerals industry through our own mining operations, as well as processing and trading of sourced minerals. Sustainability is engrained in us through history and our core values. Furthermore it is a clear expectation from our owner, the Swedish state.

Sustainable mineral sourcing

As a minerals company, one of the key areas for LKAB Minerals is the regulation of mineral sourcing. Ensuring that we have control over origin, human rights and environmental aspects are priorities for us.

Anders Lundgren, Chief Procurement Officer for LKAB Minerals comments “We have a rigid system including a Supplier Code of Conduct, risk management system, audit program and joint development plans, where we identified improvement needs. I think the latter is of specific importance. We take responsibility to jointly develop the sustainability of our suppliers and thereby our own company. The annual supplier day is all about partnerships and progression”.

Anders Lundgren CPO - LKAB Minerals

Anders Lundgren, Chief Procurement Officer, LKAB Minerals

LKAB and LKAB Minerals source both minerals and other products from China; by volume, it is the most significant individual country outside of Sweden and with the most partnerships. The fourth annual Supplier Day was held in Shanghai at the beginning of May with 32 suppliers attending. Presentations, workshops and sharing of experiences were all parts of the agenda.

During the supplier day Anders Lundgren also presented LKAB Minerals annual supplier recognition to a company that had become a leader in sustainable development.

“Recognition and networking are important parts of forming strong partnerships. We are also grateful for the good support and cooperation we have had with the Swedish Embassy in Beijing. The embassy helped us to further progress our sustainable sourcing initiatives. They did this by lending their expertise and signalling the importance on a political and governmental level” Anders Lundgren continued to say.

Mrs. Lotta Liljelund, Counsellor and Head of the CSR Center of the Swedish Embassy in Bejing held a key note speech. She shared her view on important topics and how to support suppliers on the environmental challenges they are facing. “Combatting air pollution is addressed as a major task for the political leadership” Mrs Liljelund said. She continued “It is not about being either sustainable or profitable. Experience shows that sustainability is indeed a way to strengthen competitiveness. This applies both to a country as a whole as well as to individual companies. Responsible business is good business”.

“We only work with the suppliers that meet our criteria and are showing commitment to developing improvement areas. We cannot reach all our targets and improvement efforts right away. However, we do believe that if we put our hands together we could create a better tomorrow”, Anders concluded.