Talc and kiln furniture

Minelco have developed a new grade of talc specifically for the coatings industry.

Minelco are continuously developing products to meet our customer bases requirements.

Developing talc for surface coating

The newest product is within our talc range; we developed this grade specifically for the surface coatings market.

Manufactured in the UK Minelco Talc S20 is a fine product with a mean particle size of 9 – 10microns. Minelco developed S20 specifically for anti-corrosive paint manufacturers. Moreover, the ones who needed a replacement for the Micro Talc AT1 product that has been withdrawn by its manufacturer. Minelco Talc S20 has a tightly controlled particle size with a topsize of less than 20microns. However, the mineralogy of the product is similar to that of the one withdrawn from the market.

Minelco Talc S20 performs very well in coatings, in particular industrial anti-corrosive liquid paints. It means that manufacturers will not need to conduct expensive redevelopment work to fulfil their talc requirements.