ATH - Aluminium Trihydroxide mineral powder

The conversation culture within the polymer industry makes heavy use of acronyms and abbreviations.

Conversations about UltraCarb and other flame retardant fillers inevitably include the acronyms for alumina trihydrate and magnesium di-hydrate; ATH and MDH.   Acronyms make discussions about different products easier. Besides they have their place alongside product brands and the full chemical or mineral names.  UltraCarb is our product brand for a flame retardant filler which we make from the minerals huntite and hydromagnesite.  What was missing was an appropriate acronym.

Acronyms in polymer industry

As acronyms are an important part of the polymer industry culture we created something unique but meaningful.  After some discussion and debate, we believe HMH from HydroMagnesite / Huntite is the best option.  We introduced the acronym at two leading global AMI conferences in presentations made by our technical team.  Positive feedback came immediately: “it was much easier referring to HMH in the presentation”  and from the attendees “we can now see that HMH is in the same space as ATH and MDH”.

Suitable acronym for UltraCarb product

By promoting a suitable
acronym for hydromagnesite/huntite ,  LKAB Minerals continues to take a leading role in promoting the advantages of natural mineral products like UltraCarb.

At the end of the day, we really don’t mind if you call our halogen-free, natural flame retardant UltraCarb, hydromagnesite/huntite or indeed the easy to pronounce HMH!