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MagnaDense for offshore applications

Precast concrete is important to the UK concrete industry. LKAB Minerals contributes with the supply of high density aggregate to this industry.

This is one of the conclusions we draw from the last ICT (Industry of Concrete Technology) Convention. The event took place on April 14th 2016 at Loughborough University in Manchester.

High density concrete for precast products

Our MagnaDense, manufactured from the natural mineral Magnetite replaces sand and gravel in concrete to give it a higher density. In the precast industry there are different applications that require extra weight, but do not allow extra volume. These are the exact applications for which customers use our high density aggregate.

Some well-known precast products with heavyweight concrete are:

Precast concrete in  the UK

During the last ICT Convention, many concrete industry experts spoke with each other on this subject. LKAB Minerals was at this convention with two of her UK heavy concrete experts to exchange knowledge on this. We have learned that the UK industry holds many opportunities for the precast concrete industry including the high density concrete precast projects.

Some interesting projects mentioned at the show. Especially the nuclear decommissioning of power plants which will take place over the next 5 to 10 years all across the UK caught our attention. The industry must store or transport nuclear waste in boxes that can be made of high density concrete.

Advantages of MagnaDense for precast products

Precast products need to have the same quality. You want to use your full production capacity and get the right end-product, time and time again. Your advantages when choosing MagnaDense for your precast concrete products are:

  • Consistent quality product
  • Availability of different gradings
  • Year-round supply

Please contact your local sales manager for a quotation, sample or more information regarding high density concrete mixes.