Magnetite heat storage at Vakbeurs Energie 2019 | LKAB Minerals

After last years’ successful Vakbeurs Energie (Energy Trade Show), LKAB Minerals believes sharing knowledge on magnetite for energy storage at the 2019 edition is essential.

Our Dutch Magnetite Team will join the Energy Storage NL Pavilion in the Brabanthallen, ‘s-Hertogenbosch from 8 to 10 October.

Energy Trade Show in The Netherlands

The Dutch ‘Vakbeurs Energie’ is promoted as the largest B2B event in the Netherlands on energy-saving technology and sustainable energy. This is why LKAB Minerals joined the exhibition for the second time to promote their core mineral Magnetite for energy storage and to meet innovation partners.

Magnetite for thermal energy storage

We have known for years that our natural iron oxide can store heat very well as it has been used already for over 30 years in Night Storage Heaters.

After intensive independent research to find the most suitable mineral for heat storage, magnetite came out as the winner (“Natural magnetite for thermal energy storage”). As a result, magnetite is now being used at a large Concentrated Solar Plant (CSP) in Morocco to store heat. This CSP collects solar heat using mirrors and transports this heat in oil to a generator that produces electricity. After sunset, the continuity of this process is stopped; however, by putting the oil in a bath of magnetite, the heat is transferred and stored. This way, the heat is not lost after sunset, and the efficiency of the CSP increases significantly.

Industrial-scale heat storage

LKAB Minerals is convinced there exist many more industrial applications to store heat in Magnetite. Specifically for companies that use heat in their production process but lose this heat now. While storing this heat for later production time could mean a substantial environmental and cost-saving. Therefore, we are looking for innovative partners to investigate the possibilities.

Facts about Magnetite that confirm its potential for upscaling heat storage are clear:

  • Natural mineral
  • Abundant availability
  • Relatively cheap
  • Chemically stable (even after many cycles of heating and cooling)
  • High heat resistance (1000 degrees Celsius is not a problem)
  • Not flammable
  • High heat capacity per volume (~3.4 J/cm3*K) in comparison with other minerals
  • Interesting thermal physical characteristics

Meet us at the Energy Trade Show

We like to share our knowledge on Magnetite for heat storage with you at the upcoming Vakbeurs Energie. Will we meet you there?

In case you cannot make it to this event but still like to receive more information on magnetite or the possibility to join forces regarding industrial energy storage, please contact your local representative.