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Thumbnail - Hospital radiation shielding

Hospital radiation shielding

12 September 2019
Using MagnaDense in hospital radiation shielding can optimise your treatment room space significantly. Compared to normal concrete you can reduce up to 40% in space use for walls allowing a more patient-friendly hospital environment.
Thumbnail - Offshore ballast recycling video

Recycling offshore ballast material

12 September 2019
Using loose MagnaDense ballast in offshore projects provides the opportunity to recycle and resell the ballast. This gives the project both a financial and environmental sustainable solution.

Webinar: Tung betong från ballast till form

11 February 2019
LKAB Minerals och Sydsten delar med sig av sina kunskaper efter att ha levererat 4000 kubikmeter tung betong till ESS.
Video om tung betong vid ESS

Video strålsskyddsbetong för ESS

31 January 2019
SKANSKA och Sydsten delar med sig av sina erfarenheter från att producera tung betong för ESS.
Thumbnail video on high density concrete for ESS

Radiation shielding concrete for ESS

31 January 2019
Representatives from Skanska and Sydsten share insights and tips for producing and placing high density concrete.

Hywind movie

1 November 2018
Offshore the Scottish coast you will find the HyWind floating wind farm. To keep them floating we supplied our high density MagnaDense.

MagnaDense slurry test movie

31 October 2018
We initiated this slurry test to match the demands of the industry. To allow offshore structures to be ballasted with magnetite slurry both off and onshore.

ESS Radiation Shielding movie

31 October 2018
LKAB Minerals provided the European Spallation Source (ESS) with 14,000 tonnes of its high density MagnaDense. This is used to form part of the radiation shielding within this research facility.
thumbnail - offshore movie

MagnaDense Offshore Applications movie

31 October 2018
MagnaDense is used both as loose aggregate as well as mixed into high density concrete to give weight to a large number of offshore constructions.