limiting sound and vibration with concrete video

Why Choose Gypsol Screed?

12 June 2020
Gypsol screed, produced using Anhydrite binder, offers many advantages compared to its cement-based alternatives. This video outlines some of the benefits to the screeder, installer and end user when using Gypsol as their floor screed solution.
Apatite concentrate in hand

ReeMAP Apatite Pilot Plant – an interview

3 June 2020
This video will give you an insight into the Apatite pilot plant.
Thumbnail - How to make high density concrete

How to make High Density Concrete

26 May 2020
This short video is an introduction on how to make High Density Concrete with MagnaDense.
Thumbnail - What is MagnaDense

What is MagnaDense?

26 May 2020
What exactly is MagnaDense and where does it come from? We explain it all in this video.
Thumbnail - Magnetite for heat storage - technical

Magnetite for Heat Storage – technical

27 February 2020
Magnetite has many product features that make it an excellent material for heat storage.
limiting sound and vibration with concrete video

Minimising sound and vibration on Crossrail

27 February 2020
In 2017, MagnaDense concrete was supplied to the Crossrail project in Central London for a high density Floating Track Slab, designed to minimise sound and vibration from trains.
Thumbnail - Magnetite for heat storage - informative

Magnetite for Heat Storage – informative

27 February 2020
Our customers already use Magnetite for over 30 years for Heat Storage.
Material process flow UK material processing

UK Flixborough material processing services

5 February 2020
We provide our customers with a range of processing services; but what are the services on offer?
Thumbnail - Gypsol movie

Gypsol; anhydrite binder for free-flowing floor screeds

19 November 2019
What is Gypsol exactly? Where does it come from and what does it do?