Material process flow UK material processing

UK Flixborough material processing services

5 February 2020
We provide our customers with a range of processing services; but what are the services on offer?
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Gypsol; anhydrite binder for free-flowing floor screeds

19 November 2019
What is Gypsol exactly? Where does it come from and what does it do?
Thumbnail - Meet the Team - Stina Sandin

Meet Stina Sandin

31 October 2019
Meet our colleague Stina Sandin, Supply Chain Manager, based at the Luleå Headquarters in Sweden.
Thumbnail - Operations Conference UK 2019

LKAB Minerals’ Operations Conference

31 October 2019
The conference, entitled ‘An Integrated Future’ focussed on the integration of Francis Flower into LKAB Minerals. And in addition to the plans in successfully achieving our goal of one company.
Thumbnail - Refractory Toll Processing

Refractory Toll Processing

30 October 2019
We do material processing, mixing and laboratory tests on-site. Our Refractory Toll Processing is done at the Flixborough location in the UK.
Thumbnail - Sustainable Refractory Recycling

Sustainable Refractory Recycling

30 October 2019
LKAB Minerals provide Sustainable Recycled Refractory Solutions for ferrous, non-ferrous and thermal industries.
Thumbnail - Hospital radiation shielding

Hospital radiation shielding

12 September 2019
Using MagnaDense in hospital radiation shielding can optimise your treatment room space significantly. Compared to normal concrete you can reduce up to 40% in space use for walls allowing a more patient-friendly hospital environment.
Thumbnail - Offshore ballast recycling video

Recycling offshore ballast material

12 September 2019
Using loose MagnaDense ballast in offshore projects provides the opportunity to recycle and resell the ballast. This gives the project both a financial and environmental sustainable solution.
Thumbnail UltraCarb LCA

UltraCarb – Life Cycle Analysis

14 June 2019
A detailed and independently controlled Life Cycle Assessment of UltraCarb showed how significantly more environmental friendly UltraCarb is. We took a full life cycle comparing it to traditional aluminium hydroxide (ATH) flame retardants.