thumbnail - offshore movie

MagnaDense Offshore Applications movie

31 October 2018
MagnaDense is used both as loose aggregate as well as mixed into high density concrete to give weight to a large number of offshore constructions.
thumbnail radiation-shielding movie EN

MagnaDense Radiation Shielding movie

31 October 2018
With over 50 years of experience in Radiation Shielding with high density MagnaDense concrete, we accumulated this knowledge into a short movie.
high-density-concrete-mixing thumbnail

High density concrete mixing video

31 October 2018
You can make high density concrete using three basic ingredients; a high density aggregate (MagnaDense), water and cement.

Crossrail webinar video

31 October 2018
All questions on why high density concrete was used, what it is, how it was supplied underground in a dense populated area and other technical challenges are answered and explained in this video.
coastal-protection Thumbnail

Coastal protection video

31 October 2018
This (very old) movie shows why high density concrete blocks for coastal protection are an option worth considering.
archimedes-principle Thumbnail

Underwater concrete and the Archimedes Principle

31 October 2018
How do high density concrete and normal concrete compare for weight above and under water?
lkab subsidiaries thumbnail

LKAB and its subsidiaries

30 October 2018
Always wondered how the LKAB group and its subsidiaries are organised? This video explains how the different companies within the LKAB group are working together.
Thumbnail - Meet the Team - Sam Bucknall

Meet Sam Bucknall

30 October 2018
Meet our colleague Sam Bucknall and learn what her view on working at LKAB Minerals is.
Thumbnail - Meet the Team - Anders Lundgren

Meet Anders Lundgren

30 October 2018
Meet our colleague Anders Lundgren and his view on working at LKAB Minerals.