Join us at the Dutch Water Constructions Day (Waterbouwdag) on October 3rd in ‘De Jaarbeurs Utrecht’ the most central exhibition centre of The Netherlands to meet our Magnetite team.

We like to share with you our knowledge on underwater concrete using MagnaDense for extra weight.

Circular construction in water

The theme for this one-day event is “Towards circular constructions in water”. This theme is to challenge visitors and exhibitors to reflect on sustainability and how to increase this for all construction projects related to water.

The construction industry needs to reduce its CO2 footprint by 77% to meet the climate targets as set in the Paris agreement. Therefore during this day, we hear different speakers making a presentation on this topic.

Underwater concrete using MagnaDense

Because MagnaDense is non-toxic and doesn’t react to seawater, it is an ideal material for underwater usage. Besides, when used as loose ballast inside the construction, you can recycle the MagnaDense as demonstrated with the decommissioning of a floating loading platform.

MagnaDense can reach a density of up to 5.1 t/m3. Also, it benefits from the advantage, as shown below in the picture of the Archimedes Principle. You can use MagnaDense as either loose ballast or mixed into concrete to provide more weight and less volume for your water project.

Offshore applications using MagnaDense

There are a variety of projects for which we supplied MagnaDense. Typical applications for underwater high density concrete or loose MagnaDense ballast are:

But also in non-offshore applications but still in a water environment, MagnaDense is used. For example, in:

Magnetite team at Waterbouwdag

Sharing our knowledge and references on underwater concrete and the use of MagnaDense for weight and stability is our main focus at the Waterbouwdag. Will we meet you there?

  • Date:                    October 3, 2019
  • Location:             Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Beatrixzaal
  • Stand:                  8
  • Product:              MagnaDense
  • Our team:           LKAB Minerals B.V. – Magnetite team

You can also meet our Dutch magnetite team at: