Sales record for LKAB: We celebrate a magnetite record! | LKAB Minerals
Magnetite sales meeting november 2017

2017 will be an all-time high for LKAB Minerals' magnetite sales to the industrial minerals market.

Our magnetite sales team celebrated this when they met up in Luleå for a sales conference last week. We are enormously proud of our team; job very well done!

Most tonnage sales ever for LKAB Minerals

2017 will prove to be a record magnetite sales year regarding volumes we sold to the industrial minerals market.

The record is a result of successful sales to large concrete weight coating projects and continuous development of sales to civil engineering (radiation shielding, ground stabilisation, tunnels, counterweights and other uses where density plays a key role) as well as water treatment chemical production, sponge iron production, coal wash and other industrial uses around the world.

 “The record is the result of successful individual performances but also a collective win. All functions and roles have played their part in breaking the previous record. Thanks to all for your hard and successful work!” commented Leif Boström, CEO of LKAB Minerals and Senior Vice President, LKAB Special Products Division.