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Radiation shielding in hospitals with MagnaDense - comparison

New radiation shielding material for Turkey

4 juni 2014
MagnaDense, a natural iron oxide, is widely used as an aggregate in dense concrete for radiation shielding. Until recently it was little known in Turkey. The 140 delegates of the Turkey Hospital Expansion Summit were very interested when the benefits of MagnaDense were presented.
Offshore structures - heavy weight concrete

MagnaDense generates interest in the USA

15 mei 2014
LKAB Minerals' high density aggregate, MagnaDense created a stir at this year's Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas.
Wave power ballast

Innovation Award for seabed foundation

5 maart 2014
McLaughlin & Harvey presented with an innovation award for a concrete seabed anchor solution using MagnaDense; was acknowledged at this years RenewableUK Wave & Tidal event.
Illustration new Lund Hospital

Let the light flow

8 januari 2014
With a light and patient friendly design the Radiation Oncology Unit in Lund used MagnaDense to create thinner walls, and is nominated as a "Construction of the year"
LKAB Minerals MagnaDense - iron ore aggregate

‘MagnaDense’ acknowledged as a solution provider

13 december 2013
As a member of 'The Concrete Centre' focus group, LKAB Minerals attended the annual gravity bases in offshore wind conference.
Offshore wind farm in sunset

Renewable energy focus

8 november 2013
Industry professionals unite to discuss creative yet dependable approaches to drive down cost in Renewables.
Coastal and erosion protection

Solutions for coastal and marine structures

3 oktober 2013
LKAB Minerals attended ICE 2013 to highlight solutions for the challenges created from sea to shore focussing on coastal protection.
Wave power ballast

Dense ballast reduces wave & tidal costs

8 maart 2013
At RenewableUK’s conference, the industry showcased innovative designs for offshore energy devices.
Offshore wind farm in sunset

MagnaDense for Offshore Windfarm foundation

19 november 2012
Wind farm foundation needs ~23,000mt of MagnaDense, our high density, ballasting material for application at a large scale wind farm project in Sweden.